20 December 2012

Borders + Crossings: Book Artists Exhibit at Impact 8

UK Printmaker and Book Artist Stephanie Turnbull is arranging an exhibit submission to Impact 8's International Printmaking Conference on behalf of our Collaborative Mail Art Artist Books group at the Artist Books 3.0 ning.

My entry is pictured above. There are fourteen additional participants in this exhibit entry for the Impact 8 Conference.

The conference theme is Borders & Crossings: the artist as explorer. Our group chose to use the same theme for this collaborative round.

Cheryl Penn founded the international group in 2010, and we've been working together on the Artist Books 3.0 ning for months, producing several rounds of small format accordian books. This is our ninth collaboration using the accordian format.

A few of my earlier projects with the Collaborative group have been posted to this blog. This is the first time as a group that we'll be exhibiting our work.

I wanted to explore the subject of mental illness as a border/crossing.

Fluid ink, floating, thinking outside the box, being labeled, and wandering mazes became a canvas. Suminagashi technique on Canson Cold Press 140# XL series watercolor paper, type set in Obelisk ITC Standard, a freeverse poem, and images of historic mazes from W. H. Matthews’ Mazes and Labrynths, 1922. Images include a detail from an Etruscan Vase (Deecke), Troy-Town, Pimperne, Dorset. (Hutchens), Mizmaze, St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester (W. H. M.), and two Herbal Labrynths. (T. Hill 1579).

Images are printed on Fasson’s Super Permanent Crack ‘n Peel Plus, some treated with Color FX Foil for laserprinters and processed using an eighteen year old HP LaserJet 4MP.


  1. Impact 8 is an excellent venue! Your work looks great!

  2. Thanks Mail Rat.
    I've long admired the outboard skeleton on the nautical charts from a distance. It's great!